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Clothes Pins and Christlikeness

Heidi said not to send this one out to everybody. It is risky only in that it is unrehearsed. I was resting, listening to music, and thinking. This is the thought that came to my mind. I grabbed a Go Pro, headed outside and recorded exactly what you see above. I hope it feels conversational to you. Converse freely.

1 comment for “Clothes Pins and Christlikeness

  1. MaryLou Frazee
    July 10, 2016 at 15:12

    Hey…I bet you could make a book of these kind of connections you find between life and the Word.
    I continue to be fascinated with the things you see/observe in our world and how they relate to the Truth of Gods revealed Word. Also, I started going back an reading previous posts…fun and interesting!!!

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